Friday, February 5, 2010

I hate Mom!!


There comes a time in every Mom's life when your child will hate you.  Last night, 9 year old Charlie didn't get his way.  He got grounded.  One day...Two days...Three days.  He couldn't stop himself.  That's when it happened. He took out his treasure box, pictured above, and wrote "I hate Mom!!" in it.

I suppose he was waiting for some sort of reaction from me when he brought it in and placed it on my desk.  I didn't cry. I didn't feel like a bad parent. There is no time for such silliness.

As hard as it is, being a parent means being a parent.  It means accepting that you aren't always going to be your child's best friend.  Your child will not always like you and for small periods of time you may not really like them either.

Later that evening, Charlie came to me and said he was sorry and that he really does love me.  I said that I will always love him.

So it goes. The story of mother and child.  We like each other most of the time but love each other always.

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