Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evil wives club

How to mess with your husband while he's programming a new remote control:

1. Come up with a brilliant idea.

2. Wait while your husband hooks the remote up to a laptop.

3. Say, "Why in the world do you need to hook a remote up to a laptop?"

4. Forget to listen to the response because you are waiting to execute your brilliant idea.

5. Resist the urge to smile while thinking about it.

6. Get bored and wonder how long it takes to program a remote.

7. Wait while he gets up and goes to the bathroom. Sigh.

8. Wait while he fiddles with the laptop and checks the model numbers to the 25 million devices hooked up to the TV.

9. Husband does something that makes you think your plan might be foiled but you find a way to get it back on track.

10. Wait.

11. Start to read a book.

12. The moment finally arrives! He holds the new remote control up and pushes the power button.

13. The screen turns on for a second and then turns off again.

14. On and then off again.

15. Still on and then off again.

16. Husband is puzzled.

17. You burst out laughing and show husband that you have the old remote control in your hand.

Good times!