Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boys will be boys

Do little boys ever learn?  Yesterday,  Max very sheepishly came to me with his hand behind his back.  I asked him to show me his hand and he showed me that a lightsaber piece from his Play Doh set was stuck on his finger.  His middle finger, at that.  The middle finger that he waved at me to show me what had happened.  I laughed at the sight and wondered how do boys get themselves into these predicaments?  Was he thinking he could hide his hand behind his back for the rest of his life and I'd never know?

Anyway, that lightsaber was stuck.  I immediately called for an expert, my husband.  He gets called for splinters, infected fingernails, cuts, ticks, basically anything that might cause pain to fix.  I don't like to do it because if Max as much as winced in pain, I would likely just tell him it's not that bad to have a lightsaber on his finger and he could just live with it.  My brave husband managed to remove the object from Max's finger along with some skin. A band-aid made it all better.

So, what do you think a 3 year old boy would learn from this?  Not to stick things on your finger? Nah, too broad.  Not to stick a lightsaber piece on your finger?  You'd think.  

This afternoon, Max waltzes into my bedroom with his hand behind his back.  I can see the hand with the band-aid still on it but the other is hidden from my view.  I look at his sheepish little face and tell him to show me what is behind his back.  He once again produces his hand and I see a middle finger pointed in my face with a lightsaber piece stuck right on it.  I had to laugh.  What else can a mother do in this situation but laugh?

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